About Edward Weingart

Co-Director, Krenicki Arts and Engineering Institute
Associate Professor of Technical Direction, UConn School of Fine Arts

Edward Weingart serves as a Co-Director of the Krenicki Institute of Arts and Engineering and is an Associate Professor of Technical Direction. He heads the Technical Direction MFA program in the Department of Dramatic Arts and the Entertainment Engineering Specialization in Multidisciplinary Engineering in the School of Engineering. In addition he is the University Senate Representative to the Board of Trustees for Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Outside of UConn Ed works as the Director of Special Projects for the entertainment automation company Creative Conners and consults as a performer flying director. He is an ETCP certified Rigger (Theater) and a CM certified hoist technician. New York credits include flying direction for Basil Twist’s Sister’s Follies and automation system design for Jordan Wolfson’s Colored Sculpture which premiered at the David Zwirner Gallery and has since toured to France, The Netherlands, and the Tate Modern in London. He has also worked as the head rigger and automation supervisor for the Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show in Calgary, Alberta Canada. His automation system designs can be seen on television at ESPN, several national network news programs, and many network gameshows. He has also worked on several concert tours across the US and the Super Bowl halftime show. Beyond his work on special projects has also designed several stock automation products at Creative Conners which are used in regional and educational theaters across the country and abroad.

Prior to teaching at UConn Ed was the Technical Director at Michigan State University and at the Performance Network Theater in Ann Arbor Michigan. Ed holds a BFA in Design/Technical Theater and an MFA in Technical Direction from UConn. He is also a husband, proud parent of two future troublemakers, and an avid UConn Women’s Basketball fan.